Seetah & Gravina 2012 • Bones for tools


Seetah & Gravina 2012 • Bones for tools

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Seetah, Krish & Gravina, Brad (2012) (eds.):
Bones for tools – tools for bones
The interplay between objects and objectives
Cambridge : McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

in englisch.
164 Seiten, Hardcover, Leinenbindung.
ISBN 978-1-902937-59-5.
29 x 22 cm.

Proceedings of the workshop
„Links that Tie: Bones for Tools / Tools for Bones“ held in October 2004 at Cambridge.

Part 1: Taphonomy and Technology
• de la Torre, Ignacio / Martínez-Moreno, Jorge / Mora, Rafael: When Bones are Not Enough: Lithic Refits and Occupation Dynamics in the Middle Palaeolithic Level 10 of Roca dels Bous (Catalonia, Spain)
• Monchot, Hervé / Chazan, Michael / Horwitz, Liora Kolska: Testing the Spatial Association of Lithic and Faunal Remains: a Case Study from the Lower Palaeolithic Site of Holon (Israel)
• Smith, Geoff: The Palaeolithic Poor Relation? Taphonomic Approaches to Archaeofaunas and their Implication for the Study of European Lower Palaeolithic Subsistence
• Greenfield, Haskel J. & Horwitz, Liora Kolska: Reconstructing Animal-butchering Technology: Slicing Cut Marks from the Submerged Pottery Neolithic Site of Neve Yam, Israel
• Badenhorst, Shaw: Cause and Effect: the Impact of Animal Variables on Experimentally Produced Bone Lesions

Part 2: Raw Materials, Operational Sequences and Decision-making
• Muñoz, A. Sebastian: Guanaco Butchering by Hunter-gatherers from Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, Southern Patagonia
• Plug, Ina: Diversity and Applications: Some Bone Tools from the Past to the Present in Southern Africa
• Johnson, Eileen / Arroyo-Cabrales, Joaquin / Morett, Luis: Mammoth Bone Technology at Tocuila in the Basin of Mexico

Part 3: Subsistence and Cultural Practice
• Loponte, Daniel & Buc, Natacha: Don’t Smash Those Bones! Anatomical Representation and Bone Tool Manufacture in the Pampean Region (Argentina, South America)
• Rabett, Ryan J. & Piper, Philip J.: Eating Your Tools: Early Butchery and Craft Modification of Primate Bones in Tropical Southeast Asia
• Sternke, Farina & Costa, Laurent-Jacques: Prehistoric Hunter-gatherers in Transition: Environmental Adaptation or Social Transformation?