Mărgărit et al. 2014 • GDRE Prehistos Targoviste (download)


Mărgărit et al. 2014 • GDRE Prehistos Targoviste (download)

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Mărgărit, Monica / Le Dosseur, Gaëlle / Averbouh, Aline (2014):
An Overview of the Exploitation of hard Animal Materials during the Neolithic and Chalcolithic. Prodeedings of the GDRE PREHISTOS Work-Session in Targoviste, Romania, November 2013,
Targoviste: Editura Cetatea de Scaun

Englisch und Rumänisch
328 Seiten
ISBN 978-606-537-256-6
29 x 21 cm

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• Le Dosseur, Gaëlle: The production of rods in the Levant: variability of the methods used during the neolithization

• Taha, Buchra: A preliminary study on the neolithic bone tools from Kamiltepe (Azerbaijan, Caucasus)

• Tóth, Zsuzsanna: Possible evidence for the method of debitage by extraction in the hungarian neolithic

• Bălășescu, Adrian & Mărgărit, Monica: Domestic versus wild during the Neolithic in the Teleorman Valley

• Skakun, Natalia N. & Mateva, Boryana: Antler, Horn and Bone Artefacts from the Eneolithic Settlement of Tell Polyanitsa, North-Eastern Bulgaria

• Voinea, Valentina / Grigoruţă, Oana / Cărpuş, Cornelia: Hard Animal Material Adornments discovered in Hamangia Settlement from Cheia

• Vornicu, Andreea: Technological Behaviour in the Manufacturing of Bone Pointed Tools: a case study on the Chalcolithic Settlement from Târgu Frumos (Iaşi County, Romania)

• Manca, Laura: The individuation of a new type of shell tools during early chalcolithic in sardinia: the bevelled tools on oyster valves

• Averbouh, Aline & Zidarov, Petar: The production of bone figurines in the Balkan Chalkolithic and the use of debitage by extraction

• Mihail, Florian & Provenzano, Noëlle: Experimental processing of the red deer metapodial points

• Mărgărit, Monica & Radu, Valentin: The use of autochthonous aquatic resources in the technologies of Gumelniţa communities

• Mărgărit, Monica: Technical transformational scheme of the harpoons used in the settlements of the Gumelniţa culture

• Skakun, Natalia N. / Terekhina, Vera V. / Samzun, Anaick / Mateva, Boryana: An overview of hard animal materials industry during the Early Metal Age: analysis of the material of the Tripolian site of Bodaki

• Cernea, Cătălina / Vlad, Florin / Coman, Radu: Primary analyses of the hard animal material industry of the Cernavoda I Culture (Săveni-la Movile site, Ialomiţa County, Romania)

• Choyke, Alice M.: Continuity and Discontinuity at Gyõr-Szabadrét-Domb: bone tools from a Chalcolithic settlement in northwest Hungary