Bradfield 2023 • WBRG Johannesburg 2021 (download)


Bradfield 2023 • WBRG Johannesburg 2021 (download)

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Bradfield, Justin (2023):
Two Million Years of Worked Osseous Technology: Proceedings of the 14th Meeting of the Worked Bone Research Group
Quaternary International 665-666

190 Seiten.
ISSN 1040-6182

Einige Artikel stehen auf auf den Websites von Quaternary International und der Worked Bone Research Group (WBRG) als PDFs zum Download zur Verfügung.


• Bradfield, Justin: Two Million Years of Worked Osseous Technology: Proceedings of the 14th Meeting of the Worked Bone Research Group

• Gates St-Pierre, Christian / Thurber, Beverley A. / Rhodes, Stephen / Wild, Markus: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? A summary portrait of the Worked Bone Research Group members

• Stammers, Rhiannon C. / Adams, Justin W. / Baker, Stephanie E. / Herries, Andy I. R.: Technology or taphonomy? A study of the 2.04–1.95 Ma bone tools from Drimolen Main Quarry, South Africa

• Martellotta, Eva Francesca: Taking a closer look: The advantages and disadvantages of 3D imaging functional analysis of use-wear on bone retouchers

• Orlowska, Justyna / Cyrek, K. / Kaczmarczyk, Grzegorz Piotr / Migal, Witold / Osipowicz, Grzegorz: Rediscovery of the Palaeolithic antler hammer from Biśnik Cave, Poland: New insights into its chronology, raw material, technology of production and function

• Osipowicz, Grzegorz / Orlowska, Justyna / Zagorska, Ilga: Towards understanding the influence of Neolithisation for communities using the Zvejnieki cemetery, Latvia: A technological and functional analysis of the osseous artefacts discovered in the Late Mesolithic burial no 57 and Neolithic burial no 164

• Baron, Justyna / Diakowski, Marcin / Badura, Beata / Stolarczyk, Tomasz: Bone, antler, and tooth objects from the late bronze/early Iron Age urnfields in south-western Poland

• Vinayak: Perforated bone artifacts from Indor Khera and Rohana Khurd, Upper Ganga Plain, India

• Buc, Natacha / Acosta, Alejandro A. / Rombolá, Lucía T.: Pierced antlers in the Southern Cone: Late Holocene hunter-gatherer groups of the low Paraná wetland

• Vitezović, Selena: Bone technology in the Late Neolithic Vinča culture: Manufacturing pointed tools

• Gál, Erika: The arrow bolt plane from the medieval archepiscopal residence at Esztergom (North Hungary)

• Arampatzis, Christopher: Neolithic bone tool technology and typology from the region of four lakes, Western Macedonia, Greece

• Altamirano Garcia, Manuel: Animals as a remarkable source of raw material: Osseous artifacts manufacture in 2nd millennium BC Southern Iberia. – Quaternary International 665-666, 145-159

• Mărgărit, Monica: Barbed points from Romanian Gumelnița sites (second half of the 5th millennium BC)

• Alaica, Aleksa K. & Bélisle, Véronique: Bone and antler artifact use in the 1st millennium CE of Cusco, Peru: Insights on textile production and food processing from the site of Ak’awillay