Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppes 2, 2017 (download)


Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppes 2, 2017 (download)

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Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppes 2 (2017)

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Averbouh, Aline:
Blank production by extraction (“debitage” by extraction) at the end of the Upper Palaeolithic: a specific case of reindeer antler debitage during the Magdalenian occupation at Pincevent, level IV20, France (Seine-et-Marne)

Akhmetgaleeva, Natalia & Dudin, A. E.:
New art artifacts from the Upper Paleolithic site of Kostenki 11, layer 1A: the technological and preliminary functional analysis

Covalenco, Sergey I. & Croitor, Roman V.:
Handles made from reindeer antlers from Upper Palaeolithic sites of Moldovan Dniester area

Bemilli, C.:
New data for the late Glacial’s fauna in the North of France. Alizay, the locus 28704

Borgia, V. / Boschin, F. / Ronchitelli, A.:
Grotta Paglicci (Rignano Garganico, Foggia, southern Italy), an overview on the bone and antler production

Akhmetgaleeva, Natalia / Mashenko, E. N. / Sergin, V. Ya.:
Some features of the use of mammoth bones at the site of Gontsy (Poltava Region, Ukraine) according to excavation in the 1970s and ’80s

Orlowska, Justyna:
Searching for the function of the Early Holocene heavy duty bevel-ended tools. Remarks from experimental and use-wear studies

Pashenchuk, N.:
Treatment of mammoth tusk on the Upper Paleolithic site Climăuti on the Middle Dniester

Tushabramishvili, N. & Akhmetgaleeva, Natalia:
Transition from the Middle to the Upper Paleolithic: new data on the utilization of bone raw materials from the materials of the caves Ortwale Klde and Bondi (South Caucasus, Georgia)

Boroneant, Vasile & Mărgărit, Monica:
Osseous raw material exploitation and typological variability at Mesolithic Alibeg (the Iron Gates region, Romania)

Zhilin, Mikhail Gennadievich:
Production of blanks made from bone and antler during the Mesolithic in the Volga – Oka interfluve

Savchenko, Svetlana N.:
Bevels and hafting of bone arrowheads in the Mesolithic of the Urals area

Marquebielle, Benjamin:
Osseous material working during the French Mesolithic: first elements of characterization and focus on the debitage by extraction

Zhilin, Mikhail Gennadievich:
Forms of bevels and arrowhead mounting during the Mesolithic in forest zone of Eastern Europe

Arazova, R. B. & Skakun, Natalia N.:
Bone tools of early farmers of Azerbaijan (based on materials from Alikemektepesi settlement)

Manca, L. & Manunza, M. R.:
Blank production by fracturation («débitage» by fracturation) at the beginning of the Copper Age in Sardinia (Italy): the case of hard animal materials at the Su Coddu site (Selargius, Cagliari)

Skakun, Natalia N. & Mateva, B.:
The use of bone and antler as raw material in Chalcolithic Age in North-Eastern Bulgaria (on the materials from tell Polyanitsa)

Pankowski, Valentin:
Traceological evidence from the Late Tripolye dagger-like bone objects

Alexashenko, N. A. & Yanshina, O. V.:
Stamps for pottery decoration among Ekven cemetery’s toolkit

Gusev, A. V.:
Manufacturing of bone tools on materials of site Ust-Poluy (territory of Lower Ob)

Fabre, E.:
The use of tools made from wild boar canine during the French Mesolithic: example of Cuzoul de Gramat collection (Lot, France)

Skakun, Natalia N. / Plisson, Hugues / Galimova, M. Sh. / Zhilin, Mikhail Gennadievich / Pawlik, A. / Terekhina, V. V. / Savchenko, Svetlana N. / Akhmetgaleeva, Natalia / Mateva, B. / Martínez Fernádez, G. / Alfonso Marrero, J. A. / Hou, Ya M.:
The importance of the experimental – traceologic research for the studies of ancient osseous products