Altamirano Garcia & Alarcón Garcia 2019 • WBRG Granada 2017 (download)


Altamirano Garcia & Alarcón Garcia 2019 • WBRG Granada 2017 (download)

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Altamirano Garcia, Manuel & Alarcón Garcia, Eva (2019):
El hueso trabajado en escena
Cuadernos de Prehistoria y Arqueología de la Universidad de Granada 29

306 Seiten.
ISSN 2174-8063.

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• Altamirano Garcia, Manuel & Alarcón Garcia, Eva: El hueso trabajado en escena: Presentación / Introduction

• Gercek, Ayca / Girginer, K. Serdar / Oyman-Girginer, Özlem / Gercek, Hakan: Bone Artifacts as Witnesses to Cultural Continuity at Tatarli Höyük

• Basso Rial, Ricardo E. & Lopez-Padilla, Juan A.: Bronze Age Antler and Bone Spindle Whorls in the Southeast of Iberia

• Blasco Martin, Marta / Schulze, Niklas / Herrera Buenrostro, Kenia / Pérez Roldán, Gilberto: Worked Bone from the Site of La Montesita (Aguascalientes, Mexico)

• Borodovskyi, Andriey P. / Michalczewski, Krzysztof / Oleszczak, Lukasz: Roe Deer Antler as a Raw Material in the Hunno-Sarmatian Period in the Northern Altai

• Campana, Douglas V. & Crabtree, Pam Jean: A first Look at Equid „Idols“ from the Tepecik-Ciftlik, Southern Cappadocia, Turkey

• Deschler-Erb, Sabine & Ammann, Sandra: Bone Artifacts from Roman Cremation Burials: Methods, Results and Conclusions. The Example of the Cemetary of Kaiseraugst-Im Sager (CH)

• Winnicka, Kinga: Pointed Objects of the Mierzanowice Culture (Early Bronze Age). A Study of Function by Use-Wear Analysis

• Kovač, Marina: Figural Roman Bone Handles from Mursa

• Kovancaliev , Zlatko: Roman and Late Roman Bone Spinning Tools from Stobi, Macedonia

• López-Romero González de la Aleja, Elena: Worked Antler at the Vettonian (Iron Age) Settlement of Las Cogotas (Cardeñosa, Ávila, Spain)

• Lopez-Padilla, Juan Antonio: Bone Artifacts from Chalcolithic Funerary Contexts in the Eastern and Southeastern Iberia: pointed flat Rods

• Lopez-Padilla, Juan Antonio / Barciela González, Virginia / García Atiénzar, Gabriel / Hernández Pérez, Mauro S.: Deer Antler Objects Production during Bronze Age in Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. Cabezo Redondo (Villena, alicante, Spain)

• Luik, Heidi & Blaževičius, Povilas: Late Medieval and Early Modern Bone and Antler Working in the Vilnius Castle Complex

• Maicas Ramos, Ruth: The Bone Industry of Los Millares, from Luis Siret to Present

• Greep, Stephen & Rijkelijkhuizen, Marloes J.: Bone Cylinders, Discs and Terminals-Scroll Holders from roman Funerary Deposits?

• Osipowicz, Grzegorz / Orlowska, Justyna / Piliciauskas, Gytis / Piličiauskienė, Giedrė: The Story of one Harpoon. Reutilization of an Osseous Projectile from Subneolithic at Sventoji (Lithuania)

• Pau, Claudia (2019): Shell and Bone Ornaments from the Padru Jossu Hypogeum in Sanluri (Sardinia, Italy)

• Martínez Sánchez, Rafael M.: Tools or Scraps? Antler Working in two well-dated Copper Age Contexts in the Middle Guadalquivir Basin (Southern Iberia). – Cuadernos de Prehistoria y Arqueología de la Universidad de Granada 29, 263-275

• Vitezović, Selena: Osseous Technology in the Early and Middle Neolithic in the Central Balkans

• Valenzuela Olivier, Alejandro & Moreno-Garcia, Marta: Archaeological and Ethnographic Insights on the Occurrence and Use of Bone Anvils in Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain). – Cuadernos de Prehistoria y Arqueología de la Universidad de Granada 29, 293-306